Methods and Apparatus for Quantum Holographic Information Processing


Encoding of quantum algorithm and devices therefrom are provided. The encoding includes receiving a unitary matrix operator representing the quantum algorithm, each row of the unitary matrix operator defining a superposition of basis state vectors for transforming input states to output states. The encoding also includes recording rows of the unitary matrix operator by applying, to a volume holographic element, a combination of an one of n reference waves and a superposition of n signal waves defined by the superposition defined in an row of the unitary matrix operator. The n signal waves are a first set of n plane waves lying on a first conical surface having a first half angle and the n reference waves are a second set of n plane waves lying on a second conical surface, concentric with the first conical surface, with a second half angle different that the first half angle. 

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Dana Vouglitois
Florida Atlantic University
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